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Happy as a goat

For our goats, life is a piece of cheese. We believe that happy goats – and happy farmers – produce the finest cheeses. Our lively, curious brown mountain goats provide us with the best ingredient there is: delicious raw goat milk – the result of hours of content grazing on the juicy herbs and grasses of the Gurgl mountain meadows.

This precious raw goat milk goes into our treasure chamber – our root cellar – where it matures and becomes one of our selected speciality cheeses full of Alpine flavour: the Creamy White, the Mild Black or the Aromatic Hard.


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Our goats may be roaming remote mountain meadows, but you can buy our speciality cheeses directly in Innsbruck at Markthalle as well as at Sparmarkt Grüner in Obergurgl. Our products are also sold at the following locations/dates:

Telfer Monatsmarkt

8.04. / 13.05. / 10.06. / 8.07. / 12.08. / 9.09.

Etztoler Mårgget -  der kleie feine Ötztaler Markt

29.06. / 13.07. / 27.07. / 10.08. / 24.08. / 7.09.


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